La Maison PAM'S

With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing durable products and designing efficient cleaning methods, PAM’S, founded in Geneva, is dedicated to households, businesses and industries. It distributes its innovative products through its own network of experienced consultants who inform, give advice and listen to the questions of newcomers as well as experienced PAM’S products users during demonstrative meetings and regular visits.

These Swiss products are recognized for their high quality level and contribute to the simplification of your daily household tasks. The most famous is undoubtedly PAM’S UNIVERSAL, which fulfills numerous needs of daily maintenance, both in your household and on business premises.

With its concentrated original Panama wood formula, which has remained unchanged since its origins until today, PAM’S UNIVERSAL is the “star product” that cleans, degreases and does not require any rinsing.
PAM’S has been extremely effective for over 40 years and comes with a very wide range of practical and simple equipment.

We favor word of mouth propaganda: if you already are a loyal customer or sponsor of one or more happy PAM’S customers, we draw your attention to our loyalty / reward program.
Just tell your adviser or customer service.

To complete the offer and meet your specific needs, PAM’S has developed an extensive range of products that has also proven to be of high quality and effectiveness.

Since its founding in Geneva, PAM’S has been helping to provide households with lasting and realistic solutions. It was the only company in the world that had the idea at that time to limit or even completely eliminate plastic waste by using long-term consumption concentrate containers. This avoids sources of pollution such as increased transport and repeated purchases. Already in the 70s, we differentiated ourselves by the absence of disposable plastic. The free pick up of containers at individual households -later on at companies- is an offer PAM’S is highly pride of.
We also differentiate ourselves by not just surfing the “green wave”: we are present on the spot, where the cleaning issues vary from one person to another, from one area to another or one structure to another. Sustainability, no plastic waste, saving water are values that have been deeply rooted in us since our founding. By the way, the term “economy” finds its origin in the word “ecology”. Add to this the “eco-realism” concept, which consists in matching the best compromise between respecting those values and the strong urge for a simple, effective method applicable to the most diverse situations.

For further information, for orders or to make an appointment with our consultants, our team of experts is at your disposal via e-mail via our contact form or by phone at following number:
022 341 40 41 (fax number: 022 341 65 65) from Monday to Friday, 8 to 12 AM and 1 to 4 PM.

PAM’S: quality in full confidence.